The Show

Youth Enterprise Live 2012 is an event focussing on employment, education and enterprise for 15-30 year olds and brings together a collective audience of solution suppliers and young people to define and determine a more productive and resolute future.

A creation from heart and passion to deal with the pitfalls of young people entering into the workplace.

Youth Enterprise live will be the first exhibition purely aimed at the youth community in the UK. Taking place of 2 days the event will provide 15-30 year olds a chance to experience, educate and gain inspiration for their prospects in future employment and starting their own business.

The event showcases successful young entrepreneurs who have already begun their journey. They will share their experiences and the support they received and help to alleviate the fear factor of going it alone.

The exhibition will be filled with companies and training providers that can help you gain the edge when starting out in the search for a new position or starting or growing your new business.

In addition to the young entrepreneurs who are giving up their time to share experiences with you Youth Enterprise Live has many of the leading speakers in entrepreneurship, employability and education to give you as much knowledge as you can take in to assist you.

Ultimately Youth Enterprise Live will offer all the support, advice and expertise to 18-30 year olds looking to improve their chances of employability or of starting their own business.